Get Juiced About Grape Stomping


The 2015 World Championship Grape Stomp has ended.
Click here to see the 2015 World Championship Grape Stomp Results.
Check back in September of 2016 for information regarding next year's grape stomp.

Dress for Success!

The object of the Grape Stomp is to produce as much juice as possible and get in it your jug. But it’s also important to look good while you’re doing it!  Each preliminary Grape Stomp starts with a costume competition, and all stomp teams are encouraged to enter. Classic costumes of the past have included the ever-popular Lucy & Ethel, stompers dressed as bunches of grapes, toga-clad stompers and bridal parties dressed in wedding dresses. But there really isn’t a bad choice. You can dress as a superhero, farmer or even in your Halloween costume. Some stomp teams have sponsors, and dress accordingly.